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    How to Replace Oil Pump

    To replace an oil pump, follow these steps: drain the oil, remove the engine cover, disconnect the old pump, install …
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    How Long Does It Take to Replace a Torque Converter

    Replacing a torque converter typically takes around 5 to 8 hours. The torque converter is a vital component in an …
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    How to Test a Torque Converter

    To test a torque converter, follow these steps: 1) disconnect the torque converter from the engine; 2) use a torque …
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    How to Test Starter Relay

    To test a starter relay, you can use a multimeter to check for continuity between the terminals. A starter relay …
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    How to Bypass Starter Relay

    To bypass a starter relay, locate the relay, remove it, and connect the two terminals directly. Starters in vehicles rely …
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    How to Tell If Your Car Has a Kill Switch

    To determine if your car has a kill switch, check for a hidden button or switch near the driver’s seat …
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